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jQuery sliders calculator

Von Stackoverflow:

Hi I want to create some sliders, what i need to do is to make a slider which has 3 options in it:

the amount the user wants to borrow (from 12,500 upto 100,000) - will display a value from where the selector is here over how long (from five yrs upto 25yrs) - will display a value from where the selector is here

Estimate based on the values the monthly repayment.

i have looked at others on here but don't quite understand how they work logically so if anyone could help would be great.

<h2>How much would you like to borrow?</h2>
<div id="amount"></div>

<h2>Over how long?</h2>
<div id="period"></div>

Your monthly payment will be $<span id="monthly">204.86</span>

function update() {
    var amount = $('#amount').slider('value');
    var period = $('#period').slider('value');
    var monthly = (amount + amount * 0.03 * period) / (period * 12);


    value: 12500,
    min: 12500,
    max: 100000,
    step: 50,
    slide: function() {

    value: 5,
    min: 5,
    max: 25,
    step: 1,
    slide: function() {

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